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We specialize in installing efficient & effective irrigation systems

Work smarter, not harder. With an irrigation system designed specifically to meet your landscape’s needs, you can put down the hose and handheld sprinkler and rest assured your irrigation system will keep your lawn and garden flourishing while maximizing every drop of water it uses. Here are some highlights of the product we install...


Master Valve

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A master valve is standard for our irrigation systems and is installed directly at the point where the water source line is brought outside of the house. This prevents the main lines from being pressurized at all times, which could result in a continuous leak to the system, or over watering from a single valve not properly closing.

Wifi System Controller

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  1. Save Time: Manage your irrigation controller from anywhere in the world. 
  2. Save Money: Avoid costly on-site visits by making schedule changes from anywhere.
  3. Save Water: Integrate local weather data to make water-saving scheduling adjustments.

Pro C4 System Controller

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For those who prefer a more hardwired approach, we offer another top of the line controller. After we install your system, we’ll help you configure all the details and walk you through how it works. A great option when you want to “set it and forget it”.

Rain Sensor

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Rain sensors are a must have component for your irrigation system. Our WR2-48 RainBird sensor is equipped with revolutionary features which deliver superior responsiveness to rainfall and cold temperatures.. This enhances your system’s performance and improves your water management, saving up to 35% on water usage.

MP Rotator

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One of our featured sprinklers, the MP Rotator, uses multi-stream and multi-trajectory technology to achieve water conserving results. The MP Rotator delivers streams of water at a slower rate that soils can absorb, significantly reducing runoff. It is the most efficient water saving nozzle available.

Uses 30% Less Water!

Drip Tubing

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Drip tubing applies water slowly and evenly for consistent distribution. Water soaks in gradually, easily reaching the roots. A built in check valve that helps prevent emitter clogging and water loss, as well as ensuring even flows at every emitter. Great for a flower bed, shrubs or hedges.

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