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A proper spring “start-up” is extremely important.  We will uncover any “over the winter” issues, make repairs where needed, and set the system for optimal watering to begin the season. This Includes:

  1. Turning the water back on to the system, opening the “master valve” manually, pressurising all of main lines to all valve boxes. 
  2. Checking for leaks in any of the lines.
  3. Testing the timer/controller, checking the back-up battery with a voltage meter and testing all solenoids. 
  4. Testing and running all zones individually, checking water coverage, arcs, radius, and making adjustments to sprinklers when necessary.
  5. Checking the rain sensor to make sure it is continuing to function properly. ​

A proper “closing/shut down” is essential for the protection of your sprinkler system.  Store bought compressors can cause damage to the system if the proper one isn’t chosen or there are any errors when operating it. At A1 Irrigation Installations, we have the right knowledge and equipment to do the job right and protect your investment.

During the year if you find any issue with your system’s effectiveness or are aware of specific damage to the system, we will be there to fix it promptly.

If you’ve had your irrigation system for many years, it may be time for an upgrade. Not only will renewing certain parts of your system reset their life cycle, but you’ll also be able to capitalize on all of the latest innovations in our equipment which will save you even more time and money.

Have you recently done some landscaping work or otherwise changed your property features? No problem. Give us a call and we can help redesign your system. We’ll figure out what can be kept and what must be built a new, so that you can get back to a system that meets all of your needs in a cost effective way.

Let us help maintain and upgrade your system and keep your landscape on the cutting edge

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